If an individual CAN get up.

Ensure the individual lays still whilst you keep them calm and check for injuries. If the individual is not hurt and they think they can get up, encourage them to follow the steps below. They must be able to move themselves with guidance for them to safely get up.

1. Roll onto your side, then push up onto your elbows.

2. Use your arms to push yourself onto your hands and knees.

3. Crawl to a stable piece of furniture and hold onto it for support.

4. Slide or raise the foot of your stronger leg forwards so it is flat on the floor.

5. Lean forwards and push up using your arms and front leg, raising to a standing position.

6. Turn around and sit down for a minute or two to rest.

If an individual CAN'T get up.

If an individual falls and you know they cant get up without assistance, or they feel pain in their hips or back if they move, you need to summon help

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