Fall Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)

This is a quick and easy tool to assess an individual’s falls risk. This tool can be used for all individuals you think may be at risk of falling and gives guidance on specific areas surrounding the individuals falls risk.

How to use:

It is advised to re-asses every 3-6 months or when a person’s circumstances change.
Level of predicted risk: 3 – 5 yes’s = higher falls risk Complete full falls risk assessment (see FESI tool or service user risk assessment) Consult health and social care professionals. Complete provider self-assessment. Less than 3 yes’s = lower risk If the person has mobility problems, consider referral to Community Therapy Services Carry out exercises with the individual

Fall Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) Questions
1. Is there a history of any fall in the previous year?
how assessed? Ask the Question
2. Is the client on four or more medications per day?
how assessed? Identify number of prescribed medications
3. Does the client have a diagnosis of stoke or Parkinson's?
how assessed? Ask the Person
4. Does the client report any problems with their balance?
how assessed? Ask the Person
5. Is the client unable to rise from a chair of knee height without using their arms?
how assessed? Ask the Person (are they able to stand up from a chair of knee height without using their arms?)

Download more detailed information on the above factor below.